Pack 160 Parent
Our Pack is one of the best and biggest in Powhatan District because of the Parent involvement !!!
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 Committee Chair  Danny "Da Boss" Diaz
 Cub Master  Brian "Crazy" Meny
   Asst CM - Awards     Needed 
   Asst CM - Activities     Needed
   Asst CM - Records     Needed
 Charter Org Rep     Needed
 Camping Chair  Jim "WaSup?" Lampe
 Events Chair     Needed
 Public Relations     Needed
 Quartermaster     Needed 
 Secretary     Needed
 Treasurer  John "KaCHING" DeVight
 Den Leaders
 Tiger Den 2  Greg Skidmore
 Wolf Den 3  Todd Morgan
 Wolf Den 5  Andre Salas
 Wolf Den 9  Paul Therneysen
 Bear Den 8  Rob Markin
 Bear Den 10  Jim Lampe
 Webelos I Den 4  Nathan Ramee
 Webelos II Den 1  Rich Ward
 Webelos II Den 7  Jim Kranzberg
   Akela Chess Tourny      Needed
   Blue&Gold Banqt  Jessica Langdorf
   Holiday Party  Lauren Craypoff
   Ice Cream Social  Colleen Dearing
   Picnic  Jen Ramee
   Pinewood Derby  Justin Schopp
   Rebounderz  Julie Matyas
   Scouting for Food      Needed
   Mulch  Don "Mulch THIS" James
   Whitehouse Orns  Barbara Schneider
   Advancements  Charlene Meny
   Camp Goshen     Needed
   Camp Snyder  Jon DeVight
   Hiking  Jen Lieberman
   Membership  Frances Diaz
   Newsltr (Pack Rat)  Sharon Markin
   Pack Nurse      Needed
   T-Shirst/Patches  Shree Rekha
   Uniform Recycle  Colleen Dearing
   Webmaster  Sudha Bhat

Announcements                   Last Updated: 9/6/15  

Please use the new Website:

Howdy, P160 Parents!  Brian Meny, returning Cub Master here :-)  
I am SUPER EXCITED about new changes coming this year!

  • ALLNEW Cub Scouting program!  Simplified awards, streamlined den meetings help, and more aligned with Boy Scouts!  (Don't worry... "Do Your Best" is still the Cub motto !!!)
  • We are updating our website to get rid of these annoying ads on the right.  Check it our test site below!
  • New Scout Advancement site tied in with BSA's Scouting Net!
  • Solution to World Hunger, International Peace, and instruction manuals for all boys!

OK, 3 out of 4 things above are in the works ;-)

2015-16 FRIG Calendar click here!

NEW WEBSITE TRIAL: Test New Site Here!

NEW Advancements site coming soon (

The June Pack Rat is HERE!

Read an unofficial blog about the new Cub Scout Program - here

Welcome to Pack 160!

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 160, one of the largest, most fun, most engaging Cub Scout packs in the Powhatan District.  We are proudly sponsored by the Oak Hill Elementary School PTA in Herndon, VA.  With the help of our involved parents, we help young boys start their journey to young men with character, heart, and belief.

Our diverse, multi-cultural Pack averages over 80 Scouts and our year-long program is packed (pun) with fun experiences for Scouts of all ages, with age-appropriated Life Skills, friendships, and learning along the way :-)  But most importantly, these activities allow YOU, mom and/or dad, to share and help mold their journey before they grow into adulthood.  

What's fun?  We've done it all:
  • Camping (Camp Wilson, Camp Wilson, dozens more)
  • Overnight adventures (Port Discovery, USS Tanny)
  • Pinewoord Derbies, Blue & Gold Banquets, Regattas
  • LEGO night, Round Robin tourneys, games, and more games!
All are welcome.  See our About Us page to learn more.  And help us make a difference in the lives of these young gentlemen.  Boy Scouts has been doing that since 1910.  And besides...  ever wish your dad did more of these things with you?  Here's your chance to do them with YOUR son.  Make a lasting impact through Cub Scouting.



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